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Want to Help

Want to Help

        I’m willing to give a hand to the society     Voluntarily contribution   Help and support us your way   I’m willing to help but I cannot allocate a sum of money. Tell me what...

Need Help

Need Help

          My Family and I are in need of help   Once you dial association's number, our people will get back to you and assess your situation in the address you have provided to them as soon...

Financial Help

Financial Help

            We strongly believe that the Iranian society never neglects humanistic values and we warmly welcome your little or big helps in any form.   Be certain that your little money can make big differences....

An Org Based on, Faith, Paerticipitate and Respect

Where to save your money?

Where to save your money?

      We spend your donations in the following ways:      On helping poor families to provide nutrition, dried milk etc.    On educational charges for a number of talented students.    On providing the bare necessities for...

Support  and  Vision

Support and Vision

        The statement of views, missions and criteria   Our strong supports              

Help as Honoured Member

Help as Honoured Member

        Can I work with you an honorary member?             Since all the Against Hunger Charity are non-beneficiary, helping us is in fact helping the whole society. You can voluntarily participate in...

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از اسراف غذا بپرهیزید     نقشه راه برای تغذیه سالم   اتلاف جهانی غذا      راهکارهایی برای کاهش هدر دادن مواد غذایی


  • * Food for all *Family income and food substitutions
    * A look on Iran’s daily consumption of salt *Accomplishment in iodine nutritional security
    *Health, a duty for all *Kids skipping breakfast…
    *Counterfeiting in food products *Nutritional facts and pre-menstrual syndrome
    *Osteoporosis and food impacts *Newly developed diseases and Food
    *The old age and nutrition, physical regression *Osteoporosis, the hidden
    *Guidelines on nutrition for the disabled *Fat children, parents and the society

    *Nutritional remedies for bowel dysfunctions

    *Living healthily with weight control

    *Is your child a resistant eater?

    *The role of Nutrition in healing infertility
    *Mothers’ health, generations’ health

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